Focus 1

Retrospective Analysis

The objective of Focus 1 was to identify and understand the characteristic, natural modes of physical forcing and marine ecosystem variability over a range of temporal scales (interannual and longer). In addition focus 1 aimed to include spatial scales ranging from large marine ecosystems, to ocean basins, to global systems. Understanding these forcings and ecosystem responses across a wide range of nested temporal and spatial scales has been crucial to linking the detailed site-specific studies to population scale impacts.

Focus 1 Working Group
Focus 1 Working Group

The approach was to develop and examine historical information on marine ecosystems from a variety of sources. The outputs have formed a foundation for the structure and parameter estimates of ecosystem models (Focus 3), detailed process studies (Focus 2) and ultimately for GLOBEC Synthesis activities.

Development of the Focus 1 activities required close linkages with the other GLOBEC Foci and global change programmes such as PAGES (Past Global Changes) and CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Prediction Research Programme).

Focus 1 Meetings Location Date Chair Download
1st meeting Sitges, Spain 18-19 May 2000 Ian Perry Report / newsletter
1st GLOBEC-PAGES-CLIVAR meeting Lima, Peru 29 May - 1 June 2002 Ian Perry Report / newsletter
2nd meeting Qingdao, China 13-14 October 2002 Ian Perry Report / newsletter
3rd meeting Honolulu, USA 22-26 October 2004 Juergen Alheit Report / newsletter
4th meeting Berlin, Germany 4-8 September 2006 Juergen Alheit, Ken Drinkwater and Ian Perry Newsletter1 / newsletter2