Focus 3

Predictive and Modelling Capabilities

GLOBEC aimed to understand and predict how populations of marine animal species respond to natural and anthropogenic changes in global climate. In order to help achieve this goal, focus 3 collected information from a series of co-ordinated interdisciplinary process and modelling studies. Development of diagnostic and prognostic models was required to elucidate ecosystem dynamics and responses on a range of time scales, including major climatic fluctuations. The idea behind this approach was that predictive capabilities can only be achieved if observations and modelling are designed and developed together with the aim of predicting marine ecosystem parameters at different timescales.

Focus 3 Working Group
Focus 3 Working Group

During recent years, the GLOBEC Sampling and Observational Systems Working Group and the Numerical Modelling Working Group have prepared 3 reports (GLOBEC Reports Nos. 3 and 6 respectively, GLOBEC Special Contribution No. 2 jointly). These documents provide the basis for the development of Focus 3. The objectives of Focus 3 consisted of activities that have facilitated advances in sampling and observational systems, modelling and coupled modelling-observational systems that have been used to address the scientific questions of GLOBEC.

Focus 3 Meetings Location Date Chair Download
1st meeting Chapel Hill, USA 17-20 July 2000 Cisco Werner Report / newsletter
2nd meeting Qingdao, China 13-14 Oct 2002 Cisco Werner Report / newsletter
3rd meeting Bergen, Norway 9-10 May 2004 Brad de Young / Michio Kishi Report / newsletter
4th meeting Aberdeen, UK 25-27 Oct 2005 Brad de Young newsletter
Focus 2/3 meeting Marseille, France 2-5 May 2006 Francois Carlotti newsletter