SO GLOBEC Key meetings

Meeting of the Southern Ocean Planning Group, San Diego, USA, 1-3 August 1997

GLOBEC Report Number 7a
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 3.2

The objective of the meeting was to develop cruise and sampling plans for a Southern Ocean GLOBEC programme and to begin the development of the infrastructure needed to co-ordinate and undertake such a program.

Southern Ocean Implementation Plan, Bremerhaven, Germany, 6-8 June 1994

GLOBEC Report Number 7
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 2.2

The SO GLOBEC implementation plan was finalised at this meeting.

First meeting of the International GLOBEC Working Group on Development of an International GLOBEC Southern Ocean Program, Norfolk, USA, 15-17 June 1993

GLOBEC Report Number 5
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 2.2

The working group met in order to discuss the establishment of the SO GLOBEC Regional Programme. Important features of the Southern Ocean and ideas of which scientific areas to focus on were also discussed.