SPACC Key meetings

SPACC II Workshop, La Paz, Mexico, 24-26 February 2010

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 16.1

The aim of this meeting was to explore ways of continuing the SPACC programme under IMBER with young scientists at the helm.

Workshop C: Worldwide large-scale fluctuations of sardine and anchovy: revisiting Schwartzlose et al. (1999), Victoria, BC., Canada, 22-24 June, 2009

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 15.2 The aim of this meeting was to revisit the Schwartzlose et al. (1999) paper and to discuss new and revised ideas from subsequent publications.

SPACC Synthesis Book - Lead Authors Meeting, Roscoff, France, 2-6 October 2006

Book: Climate Change and Small Pelagic Fish, Eds: D. Checkley, J. Alheit, Y. Oozeki and C. Roy.

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 14.2

This workshop was intended to bring together the lead authors of the SPACC synthesis book and the SPACC Executive Committee members, to plan the final stages of the publication. At this meeting the authors circulated their draft chapters, so that areas of overlap, knowledge gaps and style differences could be resolved.

SPACC Executive, Concepción, Chile, 17-18 January 2004

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 10.1

The meeting offered the opportunity to review past activities of the program and to plan for future activities.

SPACC Workshop: Characterizing and Comparing the Spawning Habitats of Small Pelagic Fish, Concepción, Chile, 12-13 January 2004

GLOBEC Report Number 21
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 10.1

The objectives of the workshop were to characterize in terms of environmental parameters the spawning habitats of small
pelagic fish (principally anchovy and sardine) from a variety of ecosystems using standardized analysis methods.

SPACC Meeting: Spawning Habitat Quality and Dynamics and the Daily Egg Production Method, Concepción, Chile, 14-16 January 2004

GLOBEC Report Number 22

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 10.1

The aim of this meeting was to characterize and compare the spawning habitats of small pelagic fish from a variety of systems.

SPACC Workshop On the Economics of Small Pelagics and Climate Change, Portsmouth, UK, 13-15 September 2004

Book: Climate Change and the Economics of World Fisheries Eds: R. Hannesson, M. Barange and S.F. Herrick Jr.

Small pelagic fish species (anchovy, sardine, herring, capelin, etc.) fluctuate significantly on short and long time scales. The focus of the workshop was on the economic implications of these fluctuations.

SPACC Workshop on Long-term Dynamics of Small Pelagic Fish and Zooplankton in Japanese waters, Tokyo, Japan, 9-11 December 2003

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 10.1

The objectives were to present and analyse all relevant long-term data sets on the Kuroshio system and waters surrounding Japan and to compare them with similar data from the Humboldt and Benguela Currents and NE Europe.

IOC/SPACC Workshop On The Use of Environmental Indices in The Management of Pelagic Fish, Paris France, 9-11 November 2002

GLOBEC Special Contribution Number 6

Discussions were centred around three subgroups: Review of case studies where Environmental Indices are used in management
Procedures; Framework to establish linkages between environmental forcing and pelagic fish responses; and Requirements to incorporate Environmental Indices in pelagic stock assessment.

SPACC Executive, Plymouth, UK, 10-11 May 2002

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 8.2

The meeting offered the opportunity to review past activities of the programme and to plan for 2002-2005.

SPACC - Retrospective data analyses meeting, Lima, Peru, 29 May- 1 June 2001

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 7.2

The meeting was held to review progress and accomplishments and to plan future activities.

SPACC - Causes and Consequences of Climate-Induced Changes in Pelagic Fish Productivity in East Asia, Kobe, Japan, 25-27 August 2001

GLOBEC Report Number 15
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 8.1

One of the main purposes of the meeting was to develop a strategic plan for SPACC in East Asia, and to identify ongoing activities and critical gaps in our knowledge.

SPACC/ENVIFISH/IDYLE Spatial Approaches Of The Dynamics of Coastal Pelagic Resources and their Environment in Upwelling Areas, Cape Town, South Africa, 6-8 September 2001

GLOBEC Report Number 16
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 8.1

The meeting was aimed at synthesizing the state of the art concerning recent theoretical achievements, analysis techniques and modelling tools used for the integration of spatial structures in the study of the dynamics of marine populations and their environments.

SPACC/IOC Study Group Workshop on the Use of Environmental Indices in The Management of Pelagic Fish, Cape Town, South Africa, 3-5 September 2001

GLOBEC Special Contribution Number 5
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 8.1

In this first meeting the Steering Group drafted a plan of activities for the following 12 months.

SPACC/GLOBEC Workshop on Paleoceanography, Munich, Germany, 10-13 October 2001

Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 8.1

This workshop was an opportunity for scientists working with sediment cores from the Benguela, California, Humboldt and Peru current to meet and exchange ideas and results.

Workshop on the use of the Continuous Underway Fish Egg Sampler (CUFES) for Mapping Spawning Habitats of Pelagic Fish, San Sebastian, Spain, 9-11 February 2000

GLOBEC Report Number 14
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 6.1

The objective of this workshop was to assess the present the status of CUFES in comparative studies of spawning habitats and egg production of small pelagic fishes, and to plan and recommend future actions for both the further development of this novel methodology and to address the issues pertinent to Working Group 8.

First planning meeting on Small Pelagic Fishes and Climate Change Program, La Paz, Mexico, 20-24 June 1994

GLOBEC Report Number 8
Article in GLOBEC Newsletter 2.2

The aim of the meeting was to bring together scientists representing various marine ecosystems in order to begin drafting an Implementation plan for SPACC.