GLOBEC/IMBER activities

Imber logoThe GLOBEC-IMBER Transistion Task Team (TTT) was established in 2008 to recommend to SCOR and IGBP on how the second phase of the IMBER programme should proceed to accommodate new developments in marine ecosystem research that need addressing after the completion of the GLOBEC research programme at the end of 2009. The task team met in Reading, UK in July 2008 and again in Washington, DC, USA in December 2008.

A report of the TTT has been compiled in response to the terms of reference given to the team by the programmes' sponsors.

Framework for interactions between GLOBEC and IMBER

  • GLOBEC will continue to completion of the project in December 2009 as specified in its Implementation Plan
  • IMBER will develop research activities with a ten-year life, with its scientific emphases thus extending until 2014. The project will be allowed to develop its own identity.
  • IMBER and GLOBEC will be encourage to begin to develop joint activities starting in 2003. The two SSCs will be encouraged to hold back-to-back or overlapping meetings.
  • The extent and speed of development of joint activities and project integration will be at the discretion of the SSCs for the two projects.
  • There will be a single integrated ocean project that includes the scientific of GLOBEC and IMBER in place by 2009.

Joint GLOBEC/IMBER activities:

  • Finances to be split 50:50 by GLOBEC and IMBER
  • Existing and future Task Teams (TT) supported by both IPOs, but with primary support to be identified by for each TT
  • All (relevant) communications regarding the TT to be copied to SSC chairs, IPOs and TT co-chairs
  • The IMBER and GLOBEC SSCs will jointly appoint members for combined working groups (e.g. E2E working group) and approve the terms of reference

GLOBEC/IMBER interactions:

  • Executive meetings will be co-located to allow a joint session of both Executive Committees on an annual basis
  • Sections to be established in IMBER and GLOBEC Newsletters to highlight joint activities
  • A special issue of a combined GLOBEC-IMBER Newsletter to be considered
  • The IPOs to actively facilitate the communication between the two projects
  • GLOBEC and IMBER will develop a section of their website to highlight joint activities
  • In the case of combined activities (e.g. ICED) the IPOs will coordinate the publication of reports. Each report will have dual numbering to reflect the report series of both programmes.

Transition of GLOBEC science:

  • Joint session of GLOBEC-IMBER SSCs will be held at the IGBP congress (2007)
  • At the 2007 joint Executive meeting, a Transition Task Team (TTT) will be appointed to develop the scientific content of the addendum to the IMBER science plan, to reflect the science of the second phase of IMBER, including:
    • Outstanding questions identified during the GLOBEC synthesis
    • Ongoing research in GLOBEC's CLIOTOP and ESSAS regional programmes
    • Results of the first phase of IMBER
  • GLOBEC will forward CLIOTOP and ESSAS reports to the IMBER IPO to facilitate communication

National programmes:

GLOBEC and IMBER agree that co-endorsement of national projects can occur if requested

New GLOBEC/IMBER initiatives:

  • The SSC members will be jointly appointed by the IMBER and GLOBEC SSCs
  • Cost will be evenly shared for publication of co-sponsored activities
  • IMBER and GLOBEC will co-fund (50:50) the SSCs
  • TTT Newsletter article, October 2008