End to End

End to end food webs task team

An end to end (e2e) food web task team was been established in 2005 to prepare short paper for publication, a draft paper has been produced and the team hope to submit it to Trends in Ecology and Evolution shortly. The publication will be a concept-type paper that lays out:

  • why we need to tackle end-to-end food webs in our studies at this time
  • what the key challenges are and how we can meet them, and
  • how we can make headway in the experimental, observation and modelling components of marine end-to-end food webs

A draft definition of end-to-end food webs has been established as:

Food webs that incorporate interactions among organisms and between organisms and their physical and chemical environments. The focus of the study should be on the different processes of different levels in the food web.

The life span of the task team will end with the publication of the paper after which the GLOBEC and IMBER SSCs will jointly appoint members of an IMBER-GLOBEC Transition Team which will take forward the work of the group.

End to End Task Team membership

  • Ken Denman (Canada)
  • Dave Karl (USA)
  • Fritz Köster (Denmark)
  • Coleen Moloney (South Africa, co-chair)
  • Mike St John (Germany, co-chair)
  • Svein Sundby (Norway)
  • Rory Wilson (UK)