A GLOBEC publication is one that has, in the title, acknowledgements or actual text, explicit reference to GLOBEC or its affiliated programmes or is a publication based on work funded by a GLOBEC National, Multinational, Regional or GLOBEC affiliated programme.

The GLOBEC publication database contains over 3500 references to GLOBEC publications, of which nearly 3000 are refereed book or journal articles. The menu to the right includes links to alphabetical and chronological list of the publications and the database can also be searched online.

Where long standing programmes (such as the SAHFOS Continuous Plankton Recorder) have become affiliated to GLOBEC, references from these programmes are provided from the start of GLOBEC. It should be noted that literature from these programmes may be available that was published prior to the start of GLOBEC and the individual project websites should be consulted for further information.

The GLOBEC IPO produced a Report Series and series of Special Contributions which are available to download from this website. GLOBEC scientists have also produced over 30 special issues of journals which are listed on this site.

A full set of all GLOBEC publications have been archived at the National Marine Biological Library, Plymouth, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Cape Town.