This typology is reproduced with the kind permission of Daniel Pauly and was provided by Reg Watson of the FishBase project. Click on a geographic area on the two typology maps below to find links to sites containing data from this area. The GLOBEC programme recognises that more than one typology of the world's ocean's exist. The presence of the Pauly et al typology on this page does not imply GLOBEC endorsement of this particular typology over any others. The typology is featured here as a tool to categorise, geographically, useful links to data sources.

typology west
typology east

For more details on the above typology please refer to: Mapping fisheries onto marine ecosystems: a proposal for a consensus approach for regional, oceanic and global integrations (2000) ICES 2000 Annual Science Conference. Brugge, Belgium. www.ices.dk/asc/2000/yel2000.htm