Submitting metadata

GLOBEC scientists can either submit their own entries to the metadata portal or submit information to the IPO who will create a metadata entry for you. The portal uses a data format called a DIF (Directory Interchange Format) which is a standard used to create directory entries which describe a group of data. The DIF allows users to understand the contents of a data set and gives information on where the data is held.

The DIF format includes fields that are mandatory, which are required fields that must be present in order for the DIF to be loaded into the database (these fields include title, keywords, category, data centre, summary, metadata name and version) plus recommended fields which are deemed to be crucially important for data set selection and further optional fields.

To submit an entry to the GLOBEC data portal, please select the Add to GLOBEC Portal link which will take you to a document builder page. From here you should select DIF as the document type and you can either edit an existing document or create a new document. A comprehensive guide to writing a DIF is available from the GCMD website. Please ensure that you fill in the project field with the word GLOBEC or the DIF may not be visible in the GLOBEC portal. Alternatively, please send your information to the IPO in whatever format it is available and we will write the DIFs for you.

Please note that we encourage all data providers with entries covering Canada to register with the GeoConnections Discovery Portal. The entries will be exported to the GLOBEC portal on GCMD. The GeoConnections Discovery Portal (GDP) is the key access component of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure. The Portal is a powerful geospatial search engine and gateway to millions of geospatial data products, and services. Metadata records can be browsed or searched by subject, coverage or product type to find, evaluate, visualize and access the geospatial data. When registering data for the first time you will be required to create an account. Please ensure that you specify in the abstract of your geospatial metadata record that your entry falls under the GLOBEC project or the entry may not be visible in the GLOBEC portal. Alternatively, please send your information to the IPO in whatever format it is available and the data will be registered for you.

Some GLOBEC members have mentioned concerns that submitting DIF's to an open access database will lead to them being inundated with requests for their data. The IPO has contacted several experienced Data Managers who have assured us that this is simply not the case in their experience. Rather, the increased visibility of the data sets frequently leads to important, valuable and publishable collaborations. IGBP and GLOBEC are fully committed to achieving progress in the field of environmental science through the synthesis of disparate datasets.