GLOBEC publications archive

The IPO has prepared an archive of material comprising three complete sets of GLOBEC publications as well as bound copies of the minutes from the 14 Scientific Steering Committee meetings. Over the course of the programme GLOBEC has produced 27 GLOBEC Reports, 7 GLOBEC Special Contributions, 31 GLOBEC International Newsletters and 30 special issues of journals (to date). A complete set of the GLOBEC publications will be archived at the National Marine Biological Library (UK), the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA) and the Oceanography Library of the University of Cape Town (South Africa).

Complete list of archive publications:

Special Issues:

Alheit, J., Drinkwater, K.F. and Perry, R.I. (eds). 2010. Impact of climate variability on marine ecosystems; A comparative approach. Journal of Marine Systems 79 (3-4): 227-436

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GLOBEC Reports:

GLOBEC Report 1: Towards the Development of the GLOBEC Core Program

GLOBEC Report 2: Population Dynamics and Physical Variability

GLOBEC Report 3: Report of the first meeting of the International GLOBEC working group on Sampling and Observation Systems. Paris, France, March 30 - April 2, 1993.

GLOBEC Report 4: Report of the first meeting of the ICES/International GLOBEC working group on Cod and Climate Change. Lowestoft, England, June 7 - 11, 1993.

GLOBEC Report 5: Report of the first meeting of the International GLOBEC working group on Development of an International GLOBEC Southern Ocean Program. Norfolk, Virginia, USA, June 15 - 17, 1993.

GLOBEC Report 6: Report of the first meeting of the International GLOBEC working group on Numerical Modelling. Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, July 12 - 14, 1993.

GLOBEC Report 7: Southern Ocean Implementation Plan. Bremerhaven, Germany, June 6 - 8, 1994.

GLOBEC Report 7a: Report of the meeting of the Southern Ocean Planning Group, San Diego, California, USA, 1 - 3 August 1997.

GLOBEC Report 8: Report of the first planning meeting on Small Pelagic Fishes and Climate Change Program. La Paz, Mexico, June 20 - 24, 1994.

GLOBEC Report 9/IGBP Report No.40: Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics Science Plan

GLOBEC Reports 11/12: Small Pelagic Fishes and Climate Change Programme - Implementation Plan, Report of the first SPACC Modelling Workshop, JRC, Ispra, Italy, 14 - 16 October 1996.

GLOBEC Report 13/IGBP Report No.47 Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics Implementation Plan

GLOBEC Report 14: Small Pelagic Fishes and Climate Change Programme - Report of a Workshop on the use of the Continuous Underway Fish Egg Sampler (CUFES) for Mapping Spawning Habitats of Pelagic Fish. 9 - 11 February 2000, San Sebastian, Spain.

GLOBEC Report 15: Report of a GLOBEC-SPACC/APN Workshop on the Causes and Consequences of Climate-induced Changes in Pelagic Fish Productivity in East Asia. 25 - 27 August 2001, Kobe, Japan

GLOBEC Report 16: Report of a GLOBEC-SPACC/IDYLE/ENVIFISH Workshop on Spatial Approaches to the Dynamics of Coastal Pelagic Resources and their Environment in Upwelling Areas. 6 - 8 September 2001, Cape Town, South Africa

GLOBEC Report 17: Report of Optical Plankton Counter Workshop 17 - 20 June 2001, Tromsø, Norway

GLOBEC Report 18: CLimate Impacts on Oceanic TOp Predators (CLIOTOP) Science Plan and Implementation Strategy

GLOBEC Report 19: Ecosystem Studies of Sub-Arctic Seas (ESSAS) Science Plan

GLOBEC Report 20: Background on the Climatology, Physical Oceanography and Ecosystems of the Sub-Arctic Seas. Appendix to the ESSAS Science Plan

GLOBEC Report No. 21: Report of a GLOBEC/SPACC workshop on characterizing and comparing the spawning habitats of small pelagic fish, 12 - 13 January 2004, Concepcion, Chile.

GLOBEC Report No. 22: Report of a GLOBEC/SPACC meeting on small pelagic fish spawning habitat dynamics and the Daily Egg Production Method (DEPM), 14 - 16 January 2004, Concepcion, Chile.

GLOBEC Report No. 23: BASIN: Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis, and INtegration

GLOBEC Report No.24: The role of squid in open ocean ecosystems. Report of a GLOBEC-CLIOTOP/PFRP workshop, 16 - 17 November 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


GLOBEC Report No.26: ICED Science Plan and Implementation Strategy

Special Contributions:

Special Contribution No.1: Predicting and Monitoring of the Physical-Biological-Chemical Ocean. A.R. Robinson (Ed.)

Special Contribution No.2: An Advanced Modeling/Observation System (AMOS) For Physical-Biological-Chemical Ecosystem Research and Monitoring (Concepts and Methodology). GLOBEC Inernational Working groups on Numerical Modelling and Sampling observational systems

Special Contribution No.3: GLOBEC Workshop on the Assimilation of Biological Data in Coupled Physical/Ecosystems Models. A.R. Robinson and P.F.J. Lermusiaux (Eds)

Special Contribution No. 4: Report on the GLOBEC National, Multinational and regional proramme activities 2001. H. Wilson (Ed.).

Special Contribution No.5: Report on the first meeting of the SPACC/IOC Study Group on 'Use of environmental indices in the management of pelagic fish populations', 3-5 September 2001, Cape Town, South Africa

Special Contribution No. 6: Report of the second meeting of the SPACC/IOC study group on Use of environmental indices in the management of pelagic fish populations', 9-11 November 2002, Paris, France

Special Contribution No. 7: Update of the GLOBEC National, Multinational and regional Programme Activities, 2004. D.M. Ashby (Ed.).


(bound into two complete volumes)

GLOBEC International Newsletter 2.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 2.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 3.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 3.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 4.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 4.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 5.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 5.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 6.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 6.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 7.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 7.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 8.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 8.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 9.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 9.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 10.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 10.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 11.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 11.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 12.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 12.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 13.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 13.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 14.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 14.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 15.1
GLOBEC International Newsletter 15.2
GLOBEC International Newsletter 16.1


Climate change and the economics of world fisheries
Marine ecosystems and climate variations
Climate change and small pelagic fish
Marine ecosystems and global change

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