Terms of Reference

Members of the GLOBEC Working Groups serve in their individual capacities, on a rotational basis, and are expected to:

  • attend in full, the meetings of the WG;
  • be willing to expend considerable effort outside of WG meetings;
  • provide the best possible scientific information and advice concerning their field of specialisation as it relates tot he goals and GLOBEC Implementation Plan;
  • provide scientific advice to the Chairperson, and Director of the International Project Office, on the development and implementation of the GLOBEC programme;
  • represent the scientific interests of GLOBEC at relevant scientific meetings;
  • provide a written report (or contribute to a collective report) to the IPO within one month of attendance at a meeting at the expense of the IPO;
  • provide a two-way channel of communication between the Scientific Steering Committee and the national and where possible, regional and international research community;
  • organise, convene, conduct meetings and provide reports for such GLOBEC Workshops as shall be agreed by the SSC;
  • keep the International Project Office and Chairperson of the SSC fully informed of all actions directly or indirectly related to GLOBEC;
  • assist in securing financial and other support for the execution of GLOBEC research, adopted and approved by the SSC.