ICES GLOBEC CCC Key meetings

ICES CCC WG Final synthesis meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 14-17 November 2009




ICES/GLOBEC CCC Workshop on Impact of Zooplankton on Cod Abundance and Production, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7-9 June 2005

Report of the WKIZC 2005

The aim of this meeting was to review and synthesize the knowledge of cod-zooplankton interactions in the North Atlantic.


ICES/GLOBEC CCC Working Group Meeting, Bergen, Norway, 9-10 May 2004

Report of the ICES/GLOBEC Working Group on Cod and Climate Change (WGCCC)

The working group met to review and evaluate progress on synthesis activities and the outcomes of recent workshops. The group also planned and prepared for future workshops.


ICES-GLOBEC Symposium on 'The Influence of Climate Change on North Atlantic Fish Stocks', Bergen, Norway, 11-14 May 2004

Special Issue: ICES Journal of Marine Science 62: 7. 2005.
Article GLOBEC Newsletter 10.2

This symposium examined various aspects of the effects of climate change on North Atlantic fish stocks including: fish growth, maturity, recruitment and mortality, the role of zooplankton in climate-fish relations and modelling future climate scenarios and in the face of climatic uncertainty.


First meeting of the ICES/International GLOBEC Working Group on Cod and Climate Change, Lowestoft, England, June 7-11 1993

GLOBEC Report Number 4

The working group met to review recent advances of models on climate variability, review planning and progress of cod and climate change research and to consider ways of incorporating numerical population models.